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"Spreekwoorden in Beeld. Een aparte kunst uit Cabinda"
"Proverbes en image. Un art à part du Cabinda" (texte en néerlandais)
Berg en Dal (Pays-Bas), Afrika Museum, 1982

"African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning"
Charlottesville VA

University of Virginia Bayly Art Museum, 1993

"The Art of the African Mask"
Charlottesville VA

University of Virginia Bayly Art Museum, 1994

"Cutting to the Essence, Shaping for the Fire"
Peoria IL
Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1994

"Ethiopia. Traditions of Creativity"
East Lansing MI
Michigan State University Museum, 1994

"African Pottery Forming and Firing Techniques"
Iowa City IA
University of Iowa Museum of Art, 1995

"Afrikanische Kunst aus der Sammlung Han Coray 1916-1928"
Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich, 1995-1996

Musée Dapper, 1995-1996


Musée Dapper, 1996

"Inspired by Dreams: The Derby Collection"
Middlebury Vt
Middlebury College Museum of Art, 1996

"Africa: the Art of a Continent"
New York
Guggenheim Museum, 1996

"The Ancient West African City of Benin A.D. 1300-1897"
Washington D.C.
National Museum for African Art

"The Art of the Personal Object"
Washington D.C.
National Museum for African Art

"Images of Power and Identity"
Washington D.C.
National Museum for African Art

"An Eternity of Forest. Paintings by Mbuti Women"
Berkeley CA
University of California Berkeley Art Museum, 1996

"Hier et aujourd'hui: des poteries et des femmes (Mali)"
Muséum d'histoire naturelle, 1996

"Mémoires des rites - Trésors africains du Musée de Tervuren"
Hull, Québec
Musée canadien des civilisations, 1996-1997

"The Art of Identity: African Sculpture from the Teel Collection"
Cambridge Mass.
Harvard University Art Museums, 1997

"Into Africa: St Andrews Connections"
St Andrews (Fife)
St Andrews Museum, 1997

"Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds"
Los Angeles
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 1997

"The Self and the Other: Personhood and Images among the Baule"
Santa Barbara
University of California Art Museum, 1997

"Hidden Treasures from Tervuren"
Fort Worth TX, Kimbell Art Museum, 1997-1998
+, Reviews 98,
compte rendu d'Ysabel de la Rosa

"Esprits de la forêt - Terres du Gabon"
Bordeaux, Musée d'Aquitaine, 1997-1998

"A Spiral of History: a carved tusk from the Loango Coast"
Washington D.C.
National Museum of African Art, 1998

"Asante Weights"
Hunterian Museum. University of Glasgow, 1998

"The Artist's Eye, The Diviner's Insight." Texte de John Pemberton III
The Maurer Collection
Amherst Mass., Mead Art Museum, 1998

Sokari Douglas Camp
Spirits in Steel. The Art of the Kalabari Masquerade"
American Museum of Natural History, New York, 1998

"Baule: African Art / Western Eyes", Chicago Art Institute, 1998
Compte-rendu de James Auer, "
Eyes on Africa"
Let's Go Online / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 25.III.1998

"Baule: African Art / Western Eyes"
New York, Museum of African Art, 1998 / Washington, National Museum of African Art, 1999
Objets prêtés par le Musée de l'Homme, Paris

"Wrapped in Pride: Ghanaian Kente..."
Newark NJ Museum, 1998
John Mendelsohn, "
From cloth to coif", ArtNet Magazine

"The Enduring Image. Treasures of the British Museum"
Secteur "
Mumbai - Bombay, National Gallery of Modern Art, 1998

"Chasseurs et guerriers"
Paris, Musée Dapper, 1998

"Olowe of Ise : A Yoruba Sculptor for Kings"
Washington D.C., 1998, National Museum of African Art - Smithsonian Institution

"Tradition and Transition"
Williamstown Mass., Williams College Museum of Art, 1998-1999

"Resonances of Power: Figural Sculpture from Central and West Africa"
Hanover, New Hampshire, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, 1998-1999

"Afrikanisches Kammerspiel"
Koeln, Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, 1998-1999
Museen in Köln: Bild der Woche, 8-15 Juni 1998

"ausTausch. Kunst aus dem südlichen Afrika um 1900"
Wien, Museum für Voelkerkunde, 1998-1999

"New Acquisitions: Gifts from the Lawrence Gussman Collection"
Washington DC, National Museum of African Art, 1999

"Focus on the Body: West African Body Ornaments of Brass"
Hanover, New Hampshire, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, 1999

"A Sense of Wonder: African art from the Faletti Collection"
The Faletti Collection", - magazine (N.F. Karlins)
New York, Museum for African Art, 1999

"African Connections. Perspectives on Collecting Culture"
East Lansing, Michigan State University Museum, 1999

"Soul of Africa. Art of the Han Coray Collection"
Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum of Art, 1999
Ellen S. Wilson, Carnegie Magazine, may-june 1999

"Hats Off! A Salute to African Headwear"
Washington D.C., National Museum of African Art, 1999

"To Cure and Protect: Sickness and Health in African Art"
Washington D.C., National Museum of Health and Medicine, 1999

"Beauty, Ritual and Culture: West African Art in Context"
Newtown (Pennsylvania), Hicks Art Center Gallery, 1999

"Body Art: Marks of Identity"
New York, American Museum of Natural History, 1999-2000

"Music for the Eyes. The Fine Art of African Musical Instruments"
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1999-2000

"Les jeux fertiles: poupŽes d'Afrique noire"
Lausanne, Musée romain, 1999-2000

"Wrapped in Pride: Ghanaian Kente and African American Identity"
Washington D.C., National Museum of African Art, 1999-2000

"L'art c'est l'art"
Secteur "
Le salon du collectionneur d'art africain"
Neuchâtel, Musée d'Ethnographie, 1999-2000

"Bridewealth, Currency & Other Assets... a bachelor's collection"
Johannesburg, Standard Bank Gallery, 1999-2000
Compte rendu de Kathrin Smith, Artthrob, review, 99 dec


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