Or et mŽtaux - Gold, brass, and bronze


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Exposition "
Shaping for the Fire"
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Alla scoperta della cultura africana
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Volet de l'exposition "Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds"
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"Benin Bronzes"
The Multimedia Library, 1997

Page didactique
"The Benin Plaque: Warrior Chief, Warriors, and Attendants"
Princeton High School Virtual Museum

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Singular Identities; The Benin Bronze Dwarves", 1997

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Picture Index: The Art of Benin

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Page "Ashanti"
Ashanti home page, 1997

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From Ancient Furnaces Near the Niger River"
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The George Ortiz Collection: Africa
Bronzes de Benin: 262. Royal Couple / 263. "Bulgy Eyes"

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Exhibition Themes: Akan Gold Pieces
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Società delle missioni africane, 1999

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Exposition On-Line: "Africa. Discovery, Understanding, and Conservation"
Image Gallery: "
Double-headed python" & "Queens Mother's memorial head"
Field Museum, Chicago, 1999

Reportage de Mary Michie: fabrication de bijoux en aluminium (Kamba, Kenya, 1974)
Africa Focus Database, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
Cliquer Search by Keyword, puis indiquer "jewelry kenya"

Exposition "Beauty, Ritual and Culture"
Secteur "
Akan Goldweights"
Hicks Art Center, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, Pennsylvania, 1999

Essai de Guendalina Sertorio
Quando il potere diventa visibile. I supporti materiali della sovranità"
Società delle missioni africane

Photos de poids ˆ peser l'or et d'un pendentif en or akan et de bronzes de Benin
Search Collections: indiquer "Akan" sous "Place", ou "Benin" sous "Place"
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

PrŽsentation "Benin History and the Museum's Benin Collection"
African Gallery @ the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Collections > Explore the Collection
"Benin Leopard"
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Teach - Art Adventure Program

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Central Africa, 1400-1600 A.D.: Crucifix, Kongo peoples
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Smithsonian Institution Libraries / African Art: Special Topics

"Benin bronzes"
Bronzes de Benin dans les collections du British Museum
Compass - Explore the collections on-line, British Museum, London

"Object of the month": Ashanti Gold Weights
Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow, January 2007

"Asante gold"
L'or des Ashanti dans les collections du British Museum
Compass - Explore the collections on-line, British Museum, London

Dr. George F. Kojo Arthur & Prof. Robert Rowe: "Akan Metal Casting"
Akan cultural symbols project (1998-2002)
Marshall University, Huntington (Virginia, USA), 2002


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