Peintures - Painting



Exposition "An Eternity of Forest: Paintings by Mbuti Women"
University of California Berkeley Art Museum, 1996

African Pictograms. Archeologia e Arte Rupestre della Namibia"
Centro Studi e Museo Civico d'Arte Preistorico, Pinerolo, 1997

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Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg, 1996

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Rock Art Research Center, Dept of Archaeology, University of the Witwatersand, Johannesburg, 1998

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Gertrude Posel Gallery, University of the Witwatersand, Johannesburg, 1998

Images from History
Page "
Archaic Southern Africa: Rock art"
Hartford Web Publishing

Vali Lalioti, University of Pretoria & Jürgen Witt, GMD-IMK.VE
"Ndebele Painting in VR"

"Pictures": News from the Past (peintures rupestres du Sahara central) - Pétroglyphes de la période chrétienne du Soudan du Nord - Peintures pastorales du Tibesti oriental - Petroglyph vs Pictogram - Jabbaren / Association des Amis de l'Art Rupestre Saharien, 2004-2005

Odile Paléologos. Les Carnets - Notebooks
Carnet 2: "Le vent des sables m'a dit ..." - "The Sand Wind told me..."
L'art rupestre saharien" - "Saharian Rock Art", 2004

WILD'bout-LIFE, Patricia's Travels
The other Namibia: Damaraland Rock Paintings"
Patricia Tricorache, 1999-2002

"Upside Down Kudu: Away from Western Stereotypes"
Essai de Grant S. McCall
TRACCE - On Line Rock Art Bulletin, n° 5, novembre 1996

"Following Tracks (Namibia)"
Essai de Grant S. McCall
TRACCE - On Line Rock Art Bulletin, n° 8, juillet 1997

"Sub-Saharan Rock Art"
Essai de Séverine Marchi
TRACCE - On Line Rock Art Bulletin, n° 10, mai 1998

Exposition et programme éducatif
The Painted Rocks of Africa: Other-World Visions of the San"
Kennedy Center African Odyssey, Washington D.C., 1998

Timeline of Art History
"African Rock Art"
Metropolitan Museum of Art, October 2000

Photographies de Daniel Georget & Marie Jeanne Boissy
"Nos cousins du Bénin", pages "Peinture et sculptures", 1998
Le peintre Cyprien Tokoudagba" , peintre des temples vaudoun

Brève communication d'Angela M.H. Schuster
Archaeology, Online News, 19 octobre 1998
Ancient Masterpieces Found in the Sahara"

Exposition "The Art of Sotho Habitation"
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery
Columbia University, New York, 1994

School for Design, Technology and Visual Art, Projects
"Litema - The Mural Art of the Basotho"
Central University of Technology, Free State, Welcom, RSA

Présentation des travaux de Stephen Townley Bassett
Southern African Rock Art"
Joop Dullaart,, 2002

Photographies de Jim M. Taylor "Saharan Rock Art"
Saharan Pages
Jim Mann Taylor's Web Pages

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Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Leiden NL, 2000

Archives photographiques de l'Université de Bologne
"Ancient Manuscripts of Eritrea"
Unesco Webworld, Memory of Africa, 1997

Exposition "African Connections. Perspectives on Collecting Culture"
Peintures éthiopiennes collectées par Raymond Silverman et Suzanne Miers
East Lansing, Michigan State University Museum, 1999

Photos de Jeanne Tabachnick (1980), "Algeria - Petroglyphs"
Africa Focus Database: cliquer Search by Keyword, puis indiquer"ancient rock paintings"
University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

Cours du Prof. Roann Barris "African Visual Culture: Art and Aesthetics"
Unit 8 - "Metaphors and Meanings of House: African Painted House Traditions"
Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, 1999

Badania archeologiczne w Afryce / Archaeological research in Africa
Tassili-n-Ajjer (Algeria) - Photos
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Poznaniu / Musée archéologique, Poznan (Pologne)

Exposition "The Miracles of Mary: A 17th-Century Ethiopian Manuscript"
Chicago Art Institute, 2002-2003

Exposition "Spectacular Display: The Art of Nkanu Initiation Rituals"
Washington D.C., National Museum for African Art, 2001-2002

Exposition "Ethiopian Icons: Faith and Science"
Washington D.C., National Museum for African Art, 2003

Exposition "Faras - Christliche Fresken aus Nubien" - "Faras: A Cathedral in the Desert"
Wien - Vienne (Autriche), Kunsthistorisches Museum, 2002

Franco Frescura
KwaMsiza - A Ndebele Village
South Africa History Online


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