Poteries - Ceramics


Exposition "Hier et aujourd'hui. Céramiques traditionnelles du Mali"
Genève, Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, 1996

Essai de Christopher Roy "African Pottery Forming and Firing Techniques", Virtual Slide Show
University of Iowa, 1995

Exposition "Emhlabeni : From the Earth"
Clay Pots from the Standard Bank African Art Collection
Johannesburg, Standard Bank Gallery, 1993

Présentation de Margaret Young-Sanchez
Curator's Choice: An Enigmatic Terracotta"
The Cleveland Museum of Art. Collection

Monday Paper, vol. 23.34, 8 November 2004: "The Lydenburg Heads"
University of Cape Town

Selections from: The African Art Collection
Pages "
Hausa Ink Pot" & "Lami Toto Pot"
Ohio University School of Art, 1998

Exposition permanente
"Ceramic Arts at the National Museum of African Art"
Washington D.C., 1998

Cours du Dr Maude S. Wahlman "Global Arts"
Dossier "West African Pottery: Abuja Pot & Jug"
University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1999

On-line Exhibit "Living together"
Secteur "Prestige": "
Ceramic Vessel - Mangbetu - Zaire"
Center for Cultural Understanding and Change - Field Museum, Chicago, 1998

Compass - Explore the collections on-line
Page "Terracotta water vessel by Mbitim, Lurangu"
The British Museum, London, 2000

Programme éducatif " Mali Empire and Djenne figures"
Page "Works of Art" (Djenne figures)
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of African Art, Washington D.C., 2002

"African pottery"
Poteries africaines dans les collections du British Museum
Compass - Explore the collections on-line, British Museum, London

Essai de Warren Frederick: "The Inescapable, Indivisible Essence of Pottery"
Paru dans The Art of African Clay, Douglas Dawson Gallery, Chicago 2003
Artist Potters, 2003

Album photographique
William Itter Collection of African Pottery"
Artist Potters, 2003

Exposition "For Hearth and Altar: African Ceramics from the Keith Achepohl Collection"
(catalogue - Yale Press)
The Art Institute of Chicago, 2005-2006
Collections du MusŽe Barbier-Mueller, Genve
Fleurons - CŽramiques africaines
MusŽe Barbier-Mueller, 2007


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